By Tom DeSilvia

IDEA created the Automated Gate Operator Installer Technician Certification in 2008 and the Automated Gate Systems Designer Certification in 2013. These self-study certification programs have been the industry’s leading programs since their inception. In fact, IDEA has issued more than 4,500 certifications across the door, gate, and access control industry.

To demonstrate how important these certifications are the Office of the State Fire Marshal in Louisiana and Mississippi require qualified gate technicians in their respective states to have IDEA Gate Operator Installer Certification.

Recently there has been communication regarding a new organization offering Automated Gate certifications. To avoid any confusion, it is important to know that the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation will continue to maintain both their Automated Gate Operator Installer and Automated Gate Designer certification programs. These two IDEA programs are highly recognized as the original of such programs; ones acknowledged and required by at least two states.

IDEA will continue to provide new certifications as well as maintaining the required Continuing Education data for the three-year renewal cycles.